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Ok, for myself, I have to share this publicly. This makes me very nervous on multiple levels, and that's exactly WHY I must do it:
Today, I am starting my Leveling Up! The part of the goal that I have never read any book talk about is the extreme accountability, and it's probably because Steve is coming from a video game mind set, most books about setting life goals aren't, and it just makes sense in that context: if you're building your gaming character, you lose everything if you fail to complete your mission (by dying), you have a pretty concrete consequence and good motivation to play very carefully and to meet your goals.
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In the state of WA, there are 4 different ways that a parent can qualify legally to homeschool their children.  One of those is by taking a homeschool qualifying course.

I have partnered with Successful Learning Educational Services to put together a course.  Cheryl Anthony, the owner of SLES, has been working in the field of learning disabilities for many years.  I recently began working for her, and together we decided that we wanted to help the general population of homeschoolers, but we really wanted to make sure to help those parents who have children with learning disabilities!!  

There are so many options out there to choose from, and there are some methods out there that scare us for children with LDs, and we are passionate to get that information out there!!

So, starting with a qualifying course just seemed like the logical first step.  I can't wait to get it officially up, and to be able to share it with you!!


Successful Learning Educational Services Podcast

Listen to me and my boss chat about learning disorders.  She has such a passion for getting the cutting edge information out there to those who need it.  
Episode 1: An Introduction to Cheryl Anthony and the Company
Episode 2: Dyslexia Myths
Episode 3: Early Childhood Signs of Dyslexia



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