Welcome!!  My name is Myhriah Young.  

You may know me from many different places:

My old Facebook Page-Finding Freedom in Everyday Life; Now just Myhriah Young

My Youtube Channels:  Most likely my homeschooling one: Co-Op Number 7
OR Myhriah Young (which I will be doing more on soon)

My work Podcast: Successful Learning Educational Services

Or even my old business (which still gets new LIKEs on Facebook) Budget Friendly Fashion.

My ministry-Kid's Unwrapped @ Rhapsody Church

Well, no matter where you know me from, my hope is that you will see a consistency in creativity and joy.  I am very open, and for the last 2 years came to the realization that I was struggling with depression, and I wrote very openly about that for a while, and then I really just got overwhelmed by it all.  I then didn't do anything with any of my businesses/endeavors for a long time.  

And now here we are.  I think I just needed to let go of everything for a long time.  I won't lie, I have no idea where I am going to go from here, and I am perfectly ok with that.  However, I can share with you what I am doing currently:

I am working at Successful Learning Educational Services, where I am an office assistant and homeschool consultant.  I began with coming in to help organize and help take care of daily items, as well as help with social media, the website and more.  I work for an amazing lady, who happens to be an area expert in the Learning Disabiity field (although she wouldn't say that for legal purposes, but I can-it's true), and new from the moment I met her, and heard her passion that she needed to do a Podcast, which we have started.  You can find those here.  

With my 17 years of homeschool consulting/teaching, and 20+ years of experience in teaching, learning disabilities and more, we have decided to collaborate to make a homeschooling course, and that will be coming soon.  We are just finishing on a few details.

I also have a homeschooling Youtube Channel-Co-Op Number 7,  that I have ignored for about 3 years.  I really didn't think that anyone had any interest in the stuff I was doing, but it turns out that I was wrong.  When I went back about a month ago, just out of curiousity, knowing it was still there, I found that i had almost 50,000 views, and several hundred subscribers!!  How crazy is that?   I wasn't sure what to do with that or if I even had a desire to do anything with that.  However, I have thought it through and decided that I want to continue to teach and do what I do best, so I will begin putting out videos again.  I am very excited.  I can't make any promises of how that's going to look yet, but I am looking forward to getting at it again.

Well, that's it at the moment; I have a few things in the works, but I don't want to post about those until I have fully decided that I am going to pursue those things.  

Thanks for stopping by!!

Myhriah Young