Changing My Home-My Way

Posted by admin on April 13, 2016





Well, we are on the verge of becoming home owners!!  We will then be debt free except the mortgage!!  I can hardly wait!!  I have already moving things around, getting ready for our first projects!!

I have decided that even after we own, I am still going to continue with my low cost, no cost projects for my home.  I like these for so many reasons:  1) Obviously, it's great to save money, 2) I love the satisfaction of DIYing, especially when someone love it, and I can say, "Thank you, I did that myself!", 3) I get exactly what I want.

I decided to post my beginning pictures first, so that as I start to show the projects I am working on, you will know what it looked like before, which is not bad, but with no color and no real permanent changes, because we have been renting. Oh, I guess I should say, we're buying the house we have been renting for 5 years!!  So not only do we get the added benefit of not having to move, but I know exactly what I want to do to the house!!  I have had plenty of time to dream up ideas :-)

So above is a picture of south side of the living room; you can see that the wall above it is quite blank.  I will be moving my lime green wall (you will see in another picture up close) to that wall, and adding some non-lime green elements to it.  I have been collecting these for a while, so it will be great to move this wall to a larger spot and change it up a bit.

I want to give a run down on what we've spent on our living room thus far too, because I have had a couple people mention that they don't have the money to "pull" their room together, and I have to tell you that I have spent no more than $200 bucks to decorate mine.  

  • Couch-free,
  • Pillows Peacock-from Ross-$7, turquoise-free; 
  • Coffee table-Goodwill $12
  • White rug-Free, but I did rent a steamer at Home Depot for $25 and bought their odor removing cleaner for $10 (previous owner had pets, so it just needed a good cleaning)


That large frame you see on the floor was purchased at an antique shop to go around our flat screen tv-$28.  I splurged on this one, because I knew it would fit around the tv, and I have wanted to frame the tv since before we purchased it.  I told my hubby it would need to happen if we were going to have a tv in "my" room, lol. Well, two years later, it still hasn't happened, but now it will.  

We are actually moving the tv where the lime green wall is now, and are going to build a faux fireplace below it.  I am so excited!!  I have wanted a mantle in this room since we moved in!!

  • TV Frame-$28
  • Random frames, picked up at various location-garage sales, Goodwill, etc.  & probably 4/5 cans of lime green spray paint-So, maybe $40 total?  



If you're wondering what the heck a Faux Fireplace is, check out my Pinterest board on it!!  There are so many great ideas, and with the box that we will build out to get the look, we will house all of the wires for the tv. It's going to be awesome!!




I love my coffee table.  I knew I was looking for this style of a table, and it was so amazing when I actually found it at Goodwill for $12!!  I couldn't believe it.  I love that it has so much storage for all of my little office supply items that I use regularly, and things like the remotes and the like.  I got these baskets the other day though, because I had tutoring materials, library books and more just sitting in this spot loosely.  I hate the look.  Also, I love these tins with succulents; believe it or not, I got them from a "mystery box."  We have a great group in my area that auctions stuff off on Facebook, and then everyone meets at a local movie theater and we get the stuff we won and take the stuff we sold.  It is an amazing group!! I won the mystery box from that group for $1!!  I already sold back some of the items, but I got these cute little tins, and knew they needed cute succulents in them!!  Fortunately, I already had all the stuff to plant them.

So, break down here: 

  • Baskets-Ross-$5/piece or $15 total
  • Tins-Bid & Win-less than $1 (since I kept other items and sold back some, really if I calculate it, I'm in the positive on this transaction!!)
  • Succulents-Cute Portland shop called Painted Patio (they had the largest variety of succulents, air plants and cacti that I have seen yet) $2.50/each, so $10 total.  I need to get one more, because I have one more tin, so $12.50 by the time I finished.


We got rid of a large credenza, that I loved, but it just took up too much space, and I really wanted to be able to have more seating so we could have more people over.  But before we actually let it go, I just happened to find this gem of a couch at Goodwill for $30!!  It is in perfect condition, and I'm sorry my photography is lacking a bit, so you may not be able to tell that it's a gorgeous plum purple, and it's velvet!!  I fell in love with it immediately!!  And at first, I will admit, I wasn't sure about it, because it looked monstrous in our space, but I got rid of a lot of clutter, we brought in the rug, and moved a few things around, and I have to say that I LOVE IT!!

  • Couch-Goodwill-$30
  • Leather chair-Free



Getting rid of the credenza did mean we had some displaced items, so I found this little cute dresser at Goodwill for $10.  I haven't decided if I'm going to paint it or not.  But it was perfect to place our printer on top of, and we were also able to get it closer to our desk area, and put all the printer paper and ink in there.  My budget binder also found its home in here.

My Sunday basket, which you can learn more about here from Lisa Woodruff, who is an organizer out of Cincinnati (I love her podcast!!), also needed a new place to hang out.  I gave my daughter my other vintage suit cases, because I thought I didn't need them, but then my hubby mentioned that it might look good and still be convenient to drop all of our papers in if it was near the door and next to the couch.  Well, it just wasn't tall enough with the red suit case, so while I was at an antique shop, myself and my dear friend had our eyes looking out for another one (amongst other things of course).  I got this one for $7!! I love the color and I love that now this cute little tower hides the electronics for the TV and my Going to Goodwill bag that I leave near the door.  WIN-WIN!!

  • Dresser-Goodwill-$10
  • Suit Case-Antique Shop-$7


This is my "indoor greenhouse."  I have these fabulous windows in my living room, and for now, I have decided to make a spot here for some of my favorite plants.  It's actually a little bare at the moment, but when my recycled garden is doing well, there will be a lot more plants growing here.  It's a great spot for plants to thrive!!  On the ends I have recycled pineapple plants, the big stick is actually plumeria, and then I have hydrangea cuttings and some daisies that my sweet dad and mom got for me :-)  

I love my home, and I have several ideas for finishing off this space, once we are fully finished with the purchase of it; paint color, faux fire place with framed tv, and we may need to make a couple changes to our little "office" space.  But that will probably get it to where I want it for a while.  I am so excited.  I hope you enjoyed my finds, and I can't wait to share with you my new projects :-)