Commuting to Work

Posted by admin on April 19, 2016

Bike Commuting Cover Photo.jpg

I have been thinking for a while about commenting by bike.  In fact, last year I actually did some, but things got busy, and the weather got cold, and it was just easier to drive.  I am happy to see that there are a lot of people that suggest starting small, and in the stage I am in it just might not be realistic to think that I would make this a year round practice.  

One of the large obstacles I was needing to over come was looking professional after riding a bike.  I found these articles that were helpful:

Solve the Bike to Work Puzzle



How to Bike to Work (and Look Like you Drove):



These gave me some great ideas:

  1. Starting Small
  2. Wearing comfortable clothing
  3. Changing at the office
  4. Packing stuff to freshen  up

I definitely will not have a place to shower, although there is a very inexpensive gym not too far from my work, so there may be an option there.

Also, commuting most of the way to work...There is no shame in taking a bus part of the way.

Then there's the practical stuff, like making sure I have stuff to change a flat tire, and knowing HOW to change a tire.

If I take the bus for part of the time, I can utilize that time to do some of my own personal work on my laptop, as long as it's offline work.  

I don't see too many down sides to this:

  • I get a work out
  • I can get some chill time on the bus
  • I can save gas and insurance budget to put towards other things for a little while

Well, I'm going to give this a go tomorrow-kind of.  I'm actually going to scope out the bike accommodations situation at my work-are there places to lock up?  Is the bathroom a decent place for getting ready?  I will be taking the bus and walking the rest of the way.

For packing clothing and toiletries, I am looking at a couple of panniers/bags:

Timbuk2 Pannier



Timbuk2 Moby Laptop Backpack

commuter backpack1.jpgcommuter backpack2.jpg


I guess I just like to the look of the Timbuk brand :-)

I am going to pack easy, but cute clothing, probably my makeup (I don't wear too much), my hair straightener (I'll do that first, so that it has time to cool off), some moist towelettes, perfume, lotion and deodorant.  I don't think that should be too much.

Anyways, I'll let you know how things go :-)  I would love to hear if you commute-what are some tips/tricks?  Or if you are thinking of doing it, what are the things you're thinking of? Is there anything holding you up?