Finding Freedom Through Conquering Your Walls

Posted by admin on May 7, 2014

Conquering your WALLS!  This is the Tough Mudder Wall.  It's pretty high.  I recently made the crazy decision to participate in this adrenaline-pumping, thrill-seeking, obstacle course run.  If you want to participate in the run, you have to first jump over this wall, JUST to get to the START point.  But more on that later...

It hit me recently, that sometimes when we're trying to find freedom from our depression, our DECISIONS can be like this WALL.  Often times we know exactly the kinds of things we need to do in order to move forward in our journey, but we PUT UP too many walls in our path.  Sometimes we have the energy to climb to the top, and other times we just sit against the wall and set up camp.

If we're going to get anywhere in life, we have to make some important decisions.

Well, this week my eyes were opened to all the WALLS I put up in some very specific areas of my life.

Allow me to share with you my most recent barrier.  Working out.  Last year,  around the end of November, when I discovered that I was struggling with depression, I realized that I had certain "Givens" that needed to happen in order for me to have an optimal day.  Exercise was one of those.  So, my husband and I immediately set off to stop letting exercise be an option; we woke up everyday at 5am, so that we could make it to the gym together.  Even though it wasn't perfect, and sometimes we had a legitimate reason to miss here and there, we were on fire!  We were very consistent all the way through February of 2015!

And then it happened-Life!

Between cars breaking down, sickness, and general excuses, we lost our fuel.  Instead of the PATH being clear, we put up WALLS-going each day became a difficult decision.  It's funny, because I told myself they were just mental; however, each step took a physical action to break through, and each of those physical steps took a lot of determination, and there were several times that I just wanted to quit and give up.

Jump to this week, and it has become quite clear just how inconsistent we have allowed ourselves to get.  We just had a two week time period where we didn't go to the gym at all.  Every step to get out the door has become a WALL:

  • Wall one:  Wake Up (not hit snooze a bunch of times)
  • Wall two: "Don't Speak" The No Doubt song plays in my head (we tend to allow each other to talk the other out of going)
  • Wall three:  Get Dressed (sometimes I just have to go into "auto pilot" mode)
  • Wall four:  Do Routine-Pee, brush teeth, wash face (getting to this point is quite the accomplishment)
  • Wall five:  Leave (yes, one time we got this far, and somehow convinced ourselves to go back to bed)

We even had a couple of times where we got to the gym and we created a wall, because we had little things almost stop us like me forgetting my ear phones, or my daughter forgetting her membership card.  We literally had to push through the WALL (open the door to get out of the car), and not let these little things get in the way!

I'm betting you can completely relate in your life to how difficult these WALLS have been for us to get through each morning.  They don't feel mental, they feel physical.

We have been very fortunate to attend many conferences where John Maxwell was a speaker.  I remember in one of them he talked about how to make a decision to achieve a goal.  You JUST DECIDE to do it.  Then you figure out the steps to get there.  Each step doesn't need its own decision, because you already MADE the decision.  So, you just execute the steps.


So, do you have decisions that you need to make to move forward in overcoming your depression?  Are you having a hard time making those decisions?  What are your WALLS?  AND, How do you get over them?  Well let's go back to that TOUGH MUDDER WALL.

There are some steps that we're going to link to the decision making process:  We're all going to think Tough Mudder style for a few minutes.

  1. I BET you thought this would be Climb OVER the WALL.  ACTUALLY, it's pay for the run.  Yep, first you have to make the decision to do the run!  This is the same with your goal or decision.
    1. First, you must decide what it is you want to accomplish, and DECIDE  you are going to go for it.  PUSH the PAY button, per se.
    1. This should be your only WALL to climb (we'll talk about obstacles-those are different).  Your ONLY DECISION.   In other words, you've made the decision, and now you're climbing the WALL to start.  This is a PHYSICAL ACTION STEP:
      1. You tell someone close to you
      2. You pay for a coach
      3. You enroll in a class
      4. You pay for a gym membership
  3. RUN.  You just execute the steps to get from Point A to Point B.
    1. This is where you will figure out the steps it will take to accomplish your goal and when you will do them.  NOTICE, these are not walls or new decisions to make.  The decision was already made, you are just going to EXECUTE the steps.
    1. Yes, of course there will be OBSTACLES, you expect them.  BUT we're thinking LIKE Tough Mudders, we're not just going to sit down and wet ourselves, NO, we're going to have a PLAN of ATTACK and we're going to make it to the other side.  Decide on an attack plan:
      1. Phone a friend
      2. Maybe you have to miss a day at the gym, legitimately, but NEXT day, be right back at it
      3. Shake it off, you'll do better next time
      4. If you have a pity party, decide how long it will be, and then move on
  5. DON'T QUIT!  This is the MOST important part!!  Why would you start the race, get 6 Miles of the 12, and just quit?  You WOULDN'T, because you're a Tough Mudder-You will finish!  It may take a long time, but you will finish anyways.
    1. Don't give up on yourself.  You can do this!  Just keep on keeping on.  Maybe your goal takes 10 years to accomplish, two years or 6 months... In the GRAND scheme of your entire life, that's not that long.

I will tell you that I am right in the THICK OF IT with you.  You heard my story about working out, and I can tell you, that I could just let it go, but I have a goal to reach, living a healthy lifestyle that is uplifting and fun, and sets a good example for my kids.  Part of that decision includes several runs such as Tough Mudder, and I certainly am NOT going to do them without having trained for them, so it is time to recalibrate and climb THAT WALL again.

This time however, I will recognize that there IS only ONE wall, the rest are obstacles, and I need to move through them, and make it to the other side!!  I will not let the steps create more WALLS in my path, and I WILL enjoy them along the way.

So, off with you, go pick your most pressing WALL, decide to CLIMB it.  I would be honored if you would share with me either in the comments below, at my FACEBOOK PAGE, or TWITTER PAGE as a part of THAT ACTION STEP.  Let me know what your decisions are, and what steps you're going to take and when :-)