Finding Freedom Through Dumping the Funk Cycle!

Posted by admin on July 7, 2015

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In this post I am going to share with you how I am learning to pull myself out of what I like to call my Funk Cycle.  You may have your own Funk Cycle, you know...the choices you might make on a bad day that just lead to more bad choices.  Some of mine are being lazy & just sitting around, watching WAY too much TV, wallowing in my sorrows, and eating everything in sight.
Recently though, I have been working to set myself up with tools and strategies to dump my depression, and find freedom in many areas of my life.  However these kind of days really put that to the test!  What good is theory, if I am unwilling to actually put into practice my battle plan.  Last week I got the opportunity to do just that, and I would like to share it with you:
Will everyone in the room who's had a bad day please stand up, please stand up?(Eminem song reference, lol)  Did it turn into a couple of days?  A week?  A couple of weeks?  Well, I just had a day such as that, and I have to give myself a good amount of credit.  For the first time in forever I was actually able to pull myself out of my Funk Cycle within a day!  This is revolutionary for me-life changing!  And, knowing that I CAN do it, helps me to know that I can do it again! And again!
A huge part of my victory is thanks to you guys!  I kept thinking about how I would feel guilty if I didn't practice the very things that I have been teaching or will be teaching either through my blog, podcast (coming very soon) or my booklets (coming later).
I thought about the items I would include if I was to make myself a "Funk Cycle box" (I have seen several people making these on Pinterest under the name Bad Day box or Happy Day box).  What would I instruct myself to do? What are the little activities and gifts I would give myself?  What movies would I watch?  What music would I listen to?
Check out this idea by LoveActually
Check out this idea by LoveActually
Because of that, I was very intentional to make the choices I knew I needed to pull out of it.  And of course, I knew that I would want to share them, so I was careful to write things down-thank you Evernote.  I allotted myself some spiritual time, and I really just allowed myself to FEEL what my day should be like.
Something you will notice is that I am going to emphasize that I CHOSE to do these things.  Often when I am in a Funk Cycle, CHOOSING to do ANYTHING at all can be a struggle, as I mentioned earlier.  So this is a very important action-doing nothing is just as much of a choice as doing something.
So, without further ado, here are the things I did to pull myself out of a funk:


1)  I CHOSE to get out of my funk. Duh, right?  Not really...I won't lie to you, I have to make this decision over and over again throughout the day.  This is the first, hardest and most important step for me, because I can do all kinds of great and helpful activities, even praying, but if I don't WANT to get out of the funk, I WON'T.  It doesn't matter how much I know I SHOULD do it-I won't.  I am very stubborn!  So, for me, it really starts here.
2)  I CHOSE to cut down my TO-DO list.  This is difficult for me too, as I have pretty high expectations for myself (which can be an issue too-but that's another blog post :-)), and often have quite a few things that I want to accomplish in a day.  However, while on a bad day, if I try to do too much, I can usually be sure that I won't accomplish those things, and then I'll feel guilty and ashamed, which perpetuates the funk cycle.  Typically I will limit my accomplishments to getting dinner made and maybe some light cleaning.
3)  I CHOSE to reach out.  I posted on Facebook (without giving all the details) how I was feeling, and asked for prayers and happy thoughts.  I NEVER used to do this! In fact, a dear and brave friend actually had to call me out on this once.  She knew that my tendency was to pull back, and isolate myself, and she didn't allow me to get away with it.  That same friend called me last week and actually helped me to figure out what was probably at the core of my feelings.  This would've never happened if I hadn't said anything, yet this is still a huge struggle for me.
woman-507444_12804)   I CHOSE to get dressed and get ready for the day. Ok, this one may sound funny, but I have to say, I can do all the things above, but if I don't include this one, I won't even get to the fun choices.  Yep.  This one is crucial for me to actually follow through with the decisions I already made, and for the decisions I still had to come.  This is just a great way to CARE for myself!






These next items are still very important, and still require a choice, because again, on a down day I typically want to just sit around and be lazy!  I won't do much, even for myself, even if I really enjoy it.  Here are some of the things I did:
6) I CHOSE to take in positive input:positive-455579_1280Articles: Search for good articles.  Here are a couple I found on my search:
Healthy Boundaries: Should You Push Yourself or Rest?  Even though Ann was discussing being hurt, I read this in my own way-applying it to my day of funk.  It was good to give myself permission to take it easy.
58 Ways to Cheer Up a loved one I love giving gifts, so just reading about some things that I could do for others when they're having a down day helped a lot.  Plus I did a couple of these things for myself.
I always have a steady stream of articles & blogs that I read that are uplifting too.  In fact in my email, I get messages from Darren Daily, which are always helpful in one way or another, Cheryl from iHope Academy posts wonderful messages & memes daily, Michael Hyatt has several posts and podcasts about getting out of your funk that I have found very helpful, and more.
I don't know about you, but a well thought out, silly, or just fun movie can sometimes be just the thing to put me in  the right place mentally.
I turned to Legally Blonde.  I love her upbeat, and silly attitude, but also her determination to do what she has set her mind to, even through adversity.  It doesn't hurt that she likes to look good in the process :-)  A goal we share.  But I did get a great list from others, and posted it on my Facebook page, so definitely check it out here.
We know that music effects the very core of our soul, so why choose to listen to music that is only going to add to your bad feelings.  Listen to music that makes you feel uplifted and happy.  Of course, you can start with this obvious song, Happy by Pherell, you can't help but feel uplifted by it!
5) I CHOSE to look at making gifts for others.  Gifts are my #1 Love Language.  Giving really fills me up, and gets my energy up.  You guys will be excited that I did this too, because I decided to purchase the "Cheer Up Kit" from (I might even do a video if anyone wants it, on how I turned mine into a few smaller boxes).  Of course, I will be giving one of the finished boxes away as a gift to my audience!  I'll get that up soon, so stay posted!
rose-21191_12806)  I CHOSE to pamper myself.  I used this Homemade Facial Mask Recipes article, and just modified the recipes for things I had on hand.  I didn't have the capacity to over-complicate things, and worry about specific ingredients.
These are my steps, and they may work for you, or you may need to change them around to fit you better.
If you struggle with having bad days on a regular basis, you too may have a "Funk Cycle."  I highly encourage you to pick between one and three things that you will implement next time you have one.  You could even put together a very simple box that just has those things listed out for you with a movie, or an activity you enjoy to help you pull out of it.

Here are my questions for you:

Have you been in a Funk Cycle?  What do you do to get out of it?  I would really love to hear any ideas you are willing to share.
Have you ever made a Bad Day box?  What items did you include in it?  Did you give yourself instructions on what to do on your bad day?  What were they?
I would love to hear from you.  Please share your thoughts on this, either in the comments below, on my Facebook Page or Twitter.
Until next time TTFN!