Finding Freedom through Sharing Your Dreams

Posted by admin on March 27, 2015

Here, in THIS post, I am going to do something that is so scary to me; something that brings the negative talk real quickly. You may know these negative voices yourself, the ones that say, “Who are you, to do this?” or “No one is going to follow you with that.” I could go on and on. But here’s the truth. Dreams or goals NEED to be shared. You keep doors closed when you keep them in, build walls and isolate your abilities when you keep them to yourself. Resources can’t pour into closed doors. I say it again, Dreams Have to be Shared…

At the end of this POST, I will have an ACTION for you to help you with your dreams, and a QUESTION & SHARE, so stay tuned...

My topic, Finding Freedom, is quite broad. I have been told that I needed to narrow down my topic, and this is about as narrow as I can make it (it started out much more gigantic, believe it or not). Here’s why-I have large dreams. So large, in fact, that when I think of HOW the heck I am going to accomplish them all, I get quite overwhelmed!!

Fortunately, I have given these dreams much consideration and reflection; I have done coaching over them, and am reading books, and taking courses to lead me in the right direction. I know myself well, and that I MUST break them into smaller ideas. If I don’t, I will NEVER step out and get started. My Blog, and Book are the beginning of what I would like to do.

So with that being said, I am going to PUBLICLY take this HUGE step forward and give you a taste of my BIGGER picture; a look into my world. It is dear to me. My hope is that you too will be inspired to chase your dreams and goals, and take the first, and for many, HARDEST leap. So, are you ready? Haha, I’m probably building this up too much J Here we go:

1)  I want to have an impact, helping people not just live with their depression, but thrive. Find Freedom, and fly!! Let’s strive to have amazing lives, and claim Victory Over Depression!! I have a few chosen vessels to accomplish this:

  • My Blog
  • My Book Series
  • Online Classes (Coming after books)
  • Coaching (I do some of this already, but will pick up more soon)
  • Speaking

2)  I LOVE reading children’s books aloud. When I read specific books, I love imagining the whimsical voices that each character would take on. Plus so many of the older, public domain books that get overlooked now are so inspiring. I want to give them a new audience. I am hoping to read a few specific genres, and make them available for many:

  • History
  • Classic Literature
  • Picture Books

3)  I want to create travel opportunities.

  • One of my ultimate goals for Finding Freedom would be to create a Finding Freedom Retreat!! I love the idea of no electronics; we’re going to unplug & unwind, we’re going to have a refreshing and fulfilling weekend, where we will go home with a few strategies to move forward in Declaring Victory Over Our Depression.
  • I love to create tours: Food based, kid friendly, educational, and more
  • It would be fun to design trips for people to join us on adventures!!
  • Creating local speaking events would be cool too


4)  I want to have an Online Network of Online Shows. I have many ideas myself, but I love the ideas of others too. When I talked about having my own online show, I had a couple of friends with their own fun ideas, and I immediately wanted to collaborate with them.

5)  GIFT GIVER. I love to research, especially fun stuff, like fun gifts, delicious foods, fun places to go, and so much more!! So, when I first learned about subscriptions boxes, I WAS COMPLETELY CONVINCED!! I can totally see a FINDING FREEDOM HAPPY BOX!! I have looked into the logistics, and I have to say, that I think this could be a LOT of fun!!

6)  TEACHING.  Someday, I would love to teach in the CLASSICAL METHOD again. I have continued my own education in it with my personal studies, but my real dream would be to teach a diverse group in this method. Adults, teenagers, and kids alike. I want to teach anyone who WANTS to learn!! I think people would be astounded at this very different approach to learning academic subjects, and seeing HOW all learning goes together.

7)  SINGING.  I love to sing; however, I have yet to find my niche here, and that’s ok for now. It’ll come.

8)  CRAFTS.  I love making crafts, and for some reason, I really love making them for kids. I love the WHIMSY and FUN you can put into a craft for kids. I continue to make things, and I have no idea where this is going, and that is OK too. I will continue to make whatever meets my fancy, and will be ready when the time comes to put it to good use where I can J

Anyways, there you have it!! Those are my dreams and goals. You can see that they are wide and varied. I hope that one day I can use my network to do some of the things where I don’t have direction at this moment. Hopefully this gives you a look at where I am hoping to head. I also hope that it inspires you to dream big, and dream a lot!!

It is very difficult to move forward in our dreams by ourselves, it is imperative to surround yourself with good people. I have found the community at to be a fabulous community, and I am hoping that through FINDING FREEDOM we will be able to build a community of support, encouragement, and friendship.

With that, here is THE ACTION step and THE QUESTION &  SHARE.

ACTION: GO WRITE DOWN YOUR DREAMS!! All of them, even the ones that just seem so crazy, you have no idea HOW they could EVER happen!! There is magic to the way our brains work, when we take that step and open them up to the possibilities!!

QUESTION & a SHARE: What are your dreams? Will you share them with us? (you can leave them in the comments below, or go to the Finding Freedom Facebook page, or share them on my twitter). I know it’s not easy, believe me, I feel somewhat like a “nutjob” putting a couple particular dreams out there, but I did it anyways. You will be amazed at the doors that can open from sharing, the resources that show themselves, and the ideas to support those dreams that will poor out just from getting them out there!!

My hope for you today, is that you will step out, and take the 1st step to accomplishing your dreams: Identify and Share them!!