Intermittent Fasting

Posted by admin on March 28, 2016



I am trying something I never thought I would!  Fasting.  I love food way too much and just the thought of this used to scare me.  

It all started with a book that my Pastor's wife gave me, appropriately titled-Fasting by Jentezen Franklin.  I won't lie, I didn't even want to pick up the book!!  I mean, I LOVE FOOD!! Which just happens to be part of my overweight problem.  I live in the Portland, OR area, that is known for its amazing food choices-people come to visit just for that.  How could I possibly start considering the idea of fasting.  I took pride in the fact that I knew who had the best bread pudding around, because I became obsessed with trying it where ever I went.  Fasting was not going to be my friend.  My husband was skeptical and suspicious of the book and idea too.

Well, maybe out of obligation, or because she had told me some very interesting things about it, or because nothing else seemed to be working for me with my food addiction, I finally opened it.  And WOW!! I can't tell you how that book impacted me from the start!!  I could hardly put it down.  Everything he talked about was me!!  My struggle with food and the hold it had on me.  My life was focused around FOOD!!  And hey, not that enjoying a delicious, juicy burger is a bad thing, but here's the thing, in everything I did, I felt like I needed food:

  • Wake up-must eat breakfast
  • Sitting around the house-must go back into the kitchen multiple times to see what there is to eat
  • Go on errands-must get myself a little "something," which often turned into more than one
  • Going over to Portland, have to go somewhere to get yummy food
  • Out and about with my hubby-got to go eat something
  • Date night-dinner and dessert
  • Getting together with friends-meet at a restaurant
  • Get together at someone's house-more food than we can all eat combined
  • Must make sure I take food to my kids' sports, because it might be an hour long, and by then I'll be starving
  • Walking-walk to get a snack

I could go on and on.  Well I started out slow,  we got to a point where we were regularly fasting somewhat: Breakfast-banana & coffee; Lunch: broth; Snack: small cup of nuts or something like that; Dinner: sensible meal (we weren't always perfect with that).  I lost a good amount of weight with this and was feeling great-more energy, and of course, not so gross all the time.  Anyways, flash forward to more recently, my dear friend sent me to this link to a documentary with further research on the health benefits of fasting, and I was even more intrigued.  My hubby and I decided to switch up our routine, and really, we made it to complex-I have to admit that we both fell off of it pretty strongly.  We had set ourselves up for failure.  

That was when the same friend mentioned Dr. Mercola, who I had heard of slightly before, but apparently he is a huge advocate for intermittent fasting.  I won't lie, when I saw the concept of just not eating for an 8 hour time period, I actually thought that this was going to be too light, lol.  That being said though, I could tell that it would be a sustainable way to fast and still get so many of the benefits.  I am going to have my eating slot be noon to 8pm each day.  I think this will work beautifully for me.  I love the energy I get, and I love that I have learned that it's ok to fell hungry; believe me, I'm not starving!!  I promise!!  

Well, if you would like more information on intermittent fasting, here is a good start at Dr. Mercola's site. Just like anything, there is a ton of information on the subject out there, so make sure to be careful about trying this method, and notice that they say there are people who should not attempt to fast without the supervision of a physician and even some who shouldn't do it period.  

I would love to hear if you decide to fast, what type you chose and how it's going for you.  Thanks for stopping by.  TTFN