Leveling Up My Life

Posted by admin on June 6, 2016

Ok, for myself, I have to share this publicly. This makes me very nervous on multiple levels, and that's exactly WHY I must do it:
Today, I am starting my Leveling Up! The part of the goal that I have never read any book talk about is the extreme accountability, and it's probably because Steve is coming from a video game mind set, most books about setting life goals aren't, and it just makes sense in that context: if you're building your gaming character, you lose everything if you fail to complete your mission (by dying), you have a pretty concrete consequence and good motivation to play very carefully and to meet your goals.
So, I am publicly stating my "Concrete Consequence" for not completing my first goals, which just so happen to be physical health goals; the others will be coming soon and will probably have their own set of consequences attached to them.
If I don't reach a health goal each day or each week, I will allow my family to dump a 5 gallon bucket of ice cold water on me, without me moving. If you understand how much I HATE to be cold, you will understand what this means for me!!
Here is how I will earn Experience Points (XP) towards my Level 50 Character in the Fitness category:tetris-308986__180.png
  • Drink 4 Water Bottles/Day (My Hydro Flask Water Bottle)-5 XP/Day
  • Eat Clean (As defined by what Alex & I have set), One day off/Week: 5 XP/Day; 20XP/6Days in a Row
  • 3 Cardio Workouts & 3 Weight Lifting Sessions/Week (Eek, this one is the one that scares me the most-I love being lazy!): 5XP/Day; 20XP/6 Days in a Row
  • Take Medication & Multi-Vitamin: 5 XP/Day

super-1138462__180.pngThere you have it.  I won't lie, I am fighting the feeling of this being a very nerdy thing to do, but then I get over it, because, well, why not?  Thinking of my life in terms of "Playing," just might give me the motivation I have been lacking all these years.  And I have to say, thinking of what will happen if I DON'T  meet those goals, really has me thinking in a very different way.  I really don't want that water dumped on me!!  And I'm quite afraid that it may have to happen at least once for me to really "FEEL"  that tangible consequence-EEK...As soon as I hit the Publish Page button and share it on FB, it's a GO!!  So, if you're reading this, you know what that means...


By the way, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, you may want to check out this book (I must warn you, if you're sensitive to some light cussing, you may not like it).  Steve has a pretty awesome concept and his website, Nerdfitness is one I enjoy browsing through for a different way of looking at things.

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