Video Journal Dec. 30th, 2014

Posted by admin on January 8, 2015

Yay!!  I'm getting caught up on my video journals.  I have been working on some specific strategies for the new year, and have done some videos on those.  I am excited to share them in hopes that they might be helpful to someone.  I will get those up soon.  Till then, here is another Video Journal check in, as you can see the date is Dec. 30th, and today is the 7th, so I am almost caught up!!  Woohoo!!

With that, here are a couple of questions for you:

What does depression look like for you?  How does it affect your life?  How does it affect those around you?

What small change could you make this year to help you change your depression journey?  How would that affect your life?

Well, I hope you are having a great week, and whether you answer those questions in the comments or not, I hope that you will ponder those questions, and try something.  It may not work perfectly, but one thing is for sure; nothing will happen if you TRY nothing :-)

Till next time, Find YOUR freedom in YOUR everyday life!!