What is Finding Freedom Exactly?

Posted by admin on April 3, 2015

What is Finding Freedom Exactly?

Finding Freedom is a journey that I want to share with you, but more importantly it is the vessel I want to use to help you, if you are struggling with moving forward in your depression. For me, once I discovered that I was dealing with depression, I knew there were several things I needed to do, and I suggest them to everyone of you as well:

  1. Pray-Ask for specific guidance, direction & healing
  2. See your doctor or naturopath
  3. Seek Support from those close to you
  4. Seek Counseling if you are dealing with a rough past
  5. Change to a healthy diet
  6. Exercise

After you take care of these things, you will definitely start to feel much better, however, let’s face it, depression still happens, even when we’re doing everything right. So, where do you go from there? This is where Declaring Victory Over Depression: Finding Freedom In Everyday Life comes in.

After doing these steps, I still had to LEARN how to move forward, and I bet you might as well. Besides fixing some bad habits, I also needed to find a way to function, and make the best out of my days that I could, knowing there was always a potential for them to be thrown off at any time.

In my upcoming book Finding Freedom In Everyday Life: TIME, I will help you identify your HINDRANCES (enemies) that can throw you off for the day, and then I will help you recognize your HELPERS (weapons) that will help you fight the battle properly each day, so that you can begin to find freedom in your life.

For me, to move forward, I had to take a look at the far future-the END, and determine WHO I wanted to be, and WHAT I wanted to accomplish in my life. I needed to identify the things that would make the battle worth fighting; you can see my dreams and goals post here if you need ideas. I also walk through this process in my book.

Each area of life can bring you bondage or can give you freedom: Career, Financial, Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Family, and Social.   If you don’t slow down every now and then, and evaluate where you are in each one, you can find yourself caught up in that ever spinning hamster wheel of time, with life passing you by. This can leave you feeling like you’re not accomplishing what you wanted or becoming the person you envisioned yourself being. How depressing!!

It is my goal to help you find freedom in each of these areas. In my booklet about time, we go through the bigger picture of life, and we will break down each area, coming up with custom, practical, every day applications for you to use. This booklet is built to be interactive, with you communicating with me as you wish, throughout your process, either at my FACEBOOK page, TWITTER, or here on my WEBSITE. My hope is to help you find the freedom you have been longing for, or maybe didn’t even know you needed in each of these areas!! This is so important in moving forward.

Also, on top of working in each of the life categories, it is important to find time to focus on the things you really enjoy doing. It is easy to move through week after week, month after month, year after year without enjoyment. I’m going to mention a little word that has been overused recently, and my teenage kids tell me I shouldn’t use: YOLO, but I have to say, it is true. You only live once.

Instead of using that as an excuse to be retarded and do all kinds of things you will regret later because of the consequences some of these actions can bring, how about we use that as an excuse to enjoy our lives. Find fulfillment, and refreshment, have an impact, work in the work you love, have fun hobbies, hang out with people who make you feel better about yourself when you leave them, and more.

Hang around here, and we will continue the conversations about pursuing a fun and refreshing life, even with our looming depression. It is my goal to work through the difficult conversations, but also to have fun, hear from inspiring people, discover new opportunities, and so much more. I hope you will also join me in these conversations as we go. I want to know your dreams/goals. I want to know your struggles, and how you think you can pull out of them. I want to hear about your victories, and the fulfilling activities you are finding to provide more freedom in your life.

You can do this either at my FACEBOOK page, TWITTER, or my WEBSITE. I can’t wait to hear from you. If you know of anyone, who would benefit from Finding Freedom, please share this post with him or her. I greatly appreciate it!!

Thank you,

Myhriah Young