What Is Your Charmed Life?

Posted by admin on October 6, 2014

The Charmed Life.  What would kind of life would you live if money was of "no object," time wasn't a concern, and you had no educational barrier?  What does YOUR charmed life look like to you?  This is the question we ALL ought to answer for ourselves, the question that seems very critical to answer, if we are ever to figure out what we truly want to pour our time into.  I still think of it as, "What do I want to be when I grow up?" :-)  This is not been an easy task.  For me, there are days when I feel like doing one thing, and then the next day I want to do something completely different, I have yet to find anything that I want to do permanently.  I personally have a tendency to be a great STARTER of projects but not a great FINISHER because I lose interest in it after a couple of months-I work on this constantly.  And truthfully, I do live a pretty charmed life already (not trying to brag), and this can be a hindrance sometimes, because I don't HAVE to just give my time to anyone or any THING, although I will say, money isn't exactly flowing from the tree tops, but we do well, and feel mostly financially secure.  So, that leads me back to the question:

What things would I want to do if the above circumstances WERE true?  What would I want to do?  Where here are a few of my thoughts:

  • Go on a date with my hubby every day!!  I love spending time with my MAN!!  He is my Prince Charming!!   Some of our best times have been when he was laid off, because we are best friends.  (Thanks to our financial decisions, we weren't really stressed, so we enjoyed it).
  • Of course I would travel. Take my hubby and kids to many different places.
  • Go to a coffee shop every morning.  I don't purchase expensive or high calorie drinks.  I just like the atmosphere of a good coffee shop.
  • Work out every day-probably bike riding, dancing, hiking, and whatever else caught my fancy.
  • Network.  I think people should just network for life.  I love it.  I enjoy meeting new people and getting to know what they do, especially if I have connections that are helpful to them.
  • Start a local business newsletter; I would find ways to highlight businesses, such as weekly outfits from my favorite clothing shop, perhaps highlight a new restaurant each month, share stories about a new business per month, highlight any local events. Something like that.  I would walk to all the places I needed to "Call on" each day, and be the Walking Networker.
  • Pursue photography (so I can take great pictures of all of my endeavors).
  • Teach.  I would hold a weekly class, where we got our weekly assignments in the classical method, and discuss the previous week's reading.
  • Learn. I would keep to a regular schedule of studying.  I would learn Art, History, Science, a new language.
  • Cook.  I love cooking!!  I would make sure my pantry was stocked with all of the best ingredients, and if I didn't have to clean, I would cook forever.
  • Help people start businesses.  I have a knack for business ideas and getting them going.  Starting is my strength, finishing on the other hand-Not So Much!!  I can start them strong though, and find someone for the follow through :-)
  • Speak.  With my muddied past, I would like to begin to encourage young women to pursue great things, to make choices that will help them lead the life they want to live, and not just get stuck because they reacted to life instead of being proactive in their journey.
  • Craft.  I absolutely love making things and selling them.  It's not so much the money.  In fact, I guess if money weren't an issue, I would still craft, but I would probably make things as gifts.  Knowing that someone liked something I made, is so satisfying!!
  • Decorate.  When I get my house looking JUST SO, look at my handy work, and love the way it looks, that is fun!!  I feel I get a glimpse into how God must have felt making HIS creation.  It is Good!!
  • Sing.  I do this already, but perhaps doing it more professionally somehow.  

I can also tell you what I would definitely NOT do:

  • Clean my house (unless I got a weird itch to do so-I highly doubt this would happen)!!
  • Have my husband fix our cars, unless we decided to fix up a hot rod together, which incidentally is another thing I would love to do :-)

Well, you can see the things I WANT to do outweigh the things I DON'T want to do.  If I could attribute that to anything, I would say it's because I love life!!  I don't mind some of the detail things, such as running errands, going to appointments, picking my kids up from school, writing out a budget (which we have been doing since before we got out of debt)-you know, the Not-So-Charming things we get to do.

Well enough about me...I want to hear from you.  What would YOU do if time/money/education weren't barriers?   What does YOUR charmed life look like?  Please share with me YOUR thoughts.  I would love to hear them!!