Whew!! What a Week!!

Posted by admin on August 24, 2014

My week!!  Ok, typically on Mondays, I want to tell you what my weekly goals are; however, I had such a fabulous week last week, that I MUST tell you how it went!!  Perhaps, I will do a weekly "debriefing" on Sundays :-)  This way I can use Monday for it's purpose, I mean, who makes their weekly TO DO list on Tuesday?  Although, this could be a genius way to do it now that I think about it...Give yourself Monday to recoup from the weekend, THEN BAM!!  on Tuesday you are refreshed and ready to tackle the week!!  Hmmm.  I will clearly have to give this some serious consideration!!

Whoa...backing off THAT rabbit trail :-)  That's just how my brain works...My week.  So that I don't get too distracted, I will just go in order:

Outreach/Ministry:  I had the privilege of helping out with a Back to School Backpack give away this week that my church, Rhapsody Church, put on near the YMCA!!  It was soooooo much fun!!  My kids and I got to buy the 75 backpacks last week, and supplies to fill them this week, then we got to stuff the backpacks.  Plus, we got to go around to businesses asking for raffle prizes, offering them a marketing opportunity in return!!  I love local businesses!! There were hundreds of people there, and we ran out of backpacks quickly!!  We did start a list of kids, who didn't receive backpacks, and I'm not sure what we're doing with that yet-last I heard, we might be able to fulfill that list-I will keep you updated!!

We practically had a small fair-we had a wonderful clown making balloon animals for the kids (which I think she made more swords than anything, lol), an inverse dunk tank, which was a huge hit, and would be very fun for doing the ALS ice challenge with ;-), snow cones, air brush tattoos (these were such a huge victory, and Jeff did a fabulous job on them!!), and more!!  This is one of my favorite events, as well as my kids', we look forward to it every year!!  I want to give a quick shout out to the businesses that helped us out too:

  • Better Grades Tutoring gave 2 tutoring sessions & came to the event to meet everyone!!
  • Veraclean provided an hour of cleaning, plus their green product in a spray bottle and 2 Mr. Clean magic erasers & Discounts to all the participants!!
  • Self Balance Massage (located in the YMCA) gave an at home spa kit!!
  • Creo Photography provided a 20 minute mini session with 5 prints!!  & Discounts to all of the participants
  • Affordable Alterations (located: 814 Grand Blvd. Vancouver, WA 98661; 360-607-2162) gave 5 pant hems!!
  • G6 Airpark (We love them!!  You can watch my son's throwback video about them here, when they were first starting out!!) Gave a 10 jumpers for 2 hours package!!

We also had girls hair cuts and boys hair cuts given!!  This was a ton of fun!!

Social:  I got to help out at Hood to Coast this week!!  I had the 12:30am-8:30 am shift with my friend Brianna!! This is another event I love!!  It's busy, and there is plenty to do!!  I love the people-I met some interesting characters this week, for sure, including a Mason, like from the National Treasure movie, you know, the club that many of our founding fathers belonged to?  Watching him interact with another Mason, and hearing them talk in their "secret code" was both mysterious and cool, yet kind of weird at the same time...Anyways, it was fun.  We get thanked a lot for volunteering, and mostly meet some very friendly people :-)

Finances:  This time of year, finances can be a bit strained, this week is no exception...earlier in the year, we had a bunch of truck repairs we had to do, and that really strained our savings account!!  Yet, I have to remember, that AT least it was there!!  And, we will be able to put it back in :-)  With that being said, we are still recuperating from that, and of course it's time for school supplies & fees, and sports fees!!  All that fun stuff!!  'Tis all good-"This too shall pass!" Right? LOL, just in time for the Holidays!!

Physical: I already wrote about that last week, so I won't go into it again.  You can read it here, if you wish :-)

Well, I won't go into the rest of my week in detail.  I will be working on my kitchen this week to hopefully get it clean before school starts, I didn't do much in learning last week, except listen to Dan Miller's latest podcast, and I didn't make it into my shop space last week or work on any new projects, because I was focused on the backpacks, but hey!!  It's ALL good!!  I love the variety of things to focus on, and am fully looking forward to getting back into my shop!!

What was your highlight for last week?  Did you reach any of your goals? I got some lovely "answer-to-prayer" stories from friends about their week over the weekend, and was so blessed by them!!   I would love to hear about yours!!