Who is the Mysterious Disqualifier?

Posted by admin on April 11, 2015

As I am FINALLY sending my book off to be officially edited, I can't help think of the Mysterious Disqualifier!!  'Who's the Mysterious Disqualifier?' you may ask.  To your question, I say, 'Exactly.'  Who is the Mysterious Disqualifier...in your life.  Who has told you that you can't pursue your dreams?  What feeds your fears or doubts?  What negative talk gets to you, as you start to work towards your calling.  I won't say that I don't struggle with this myself.  In fact, I can only write this post because I can completely relate to it!!  There is a work progressing inside of me!!  As I am finding freedom through chasing my dreams, it is very obvious to me that many are being held back from chasing theirs...

I have been sharing the dreams that I am following, writing a book, taking courses on becoming a coach, etc.  Several people have congratulated me on chasing my dreams-so sweet and supportive. But then they share with me the amazing things they would love to share with others in one sentence, and then in the very next sentence they tell my why they don't qualify to do it.  It is very clear to me that these people have a story that needs to be shared in some way, and could have massive impact in their chosen platform, yet, someone, somewhere has put it in their heads that they couldn't actually do it.  There are not words that go far enough for me to describe how sad this dilemma is!!  I just want to go tell this someone, somewhere OFF!!  The lies from the PIT have been allowed to permeate too long, and an identity crisis has occurred!!

Some of the major disqualifiers that I hear people use are:

  • I don't have a degree in that, and I can't go back to school right now, so I couldn't possibly do it
    • I'm not against college, I love to learn, but here are a couple of things about this:
      1. There are so many people out there NOT even using their degrees they paid for.  They're working at McDonald's and the like, or they are just completely working in different fields than what they went to school for.  Why can't you work in a different field if you already have a degree?
      2. Unless you are looking to work in a field that requires a very specific knowledge base, such as being a brain surgeon, a rocket scientist, a lawyer, etc. you probably don't need another degree, or a degree at all, if you don't already have one.  A few choice courses, or books might be sufficient.
      3. There are so many other ways to acquire the needed knowledge for many of the things you would like to pursue.
  • I don't have any creditability:
    • Have you had any REAL experience in your topic?:
      1. Let's face it.  There are times for reading an "expert's" advice on certain topics, of course:  Medical issues, parenting, and more
      2. But on the same note, sometimes we don't need ANOTHER "expert" on the same topic.  Here's what I have found with SOME "experts":
        1. Much of their information is based on biased research-so often research can be formed to get the results their theory is setting out to prove (Why do you think there are a million different approaches to dieting; not all research is this way, but you really have to sift through).
        2. A lot of times they are speaking from theory.  I mean come on, have you heard the joke about the marriage counselor who is on their 5th marriage-this is NOT who you want to be taking marriage advice from!!  They are NOT  the experts, they went to school on a topic-they DO NOT actually know how to do it, or they would!!
        3. I have run into too many self-proclaimed experts: Haha, you might notice that I could fall into that exact category, right?  Well, here's the point, YOU have to be vigilant in WHO you take advice from, and HOW you qualify someone as an "expert."  And, the advice that works for some, may not work for you :-)
      3. For me, and maybe you too, I want knowledge from someone who HAS BEEN THERE!! Give me the knowledge from the parents who have been in the trenches with their teenagers and turned out adults-that are actually alive-lol!!; give me the knowledge of the couple who has been married for 60 years and it is still obvious that they are madly in love;  give me the knowledge of the high school drop out who has the multi-million dollar business!!  In other words, I want information from those who have DONE it, not just teach it!!  Those are the real EXPERTS!!

There is so much more I could go through here, but I need to take you to the point:  My thoughts for you are these:

  • Do you have something that you have thought you wanted to do?
  • Especially something that you would do for free?
  • Something that you know would help or impact others?
  • Maybe this thing would be something that would be more for you, but if you could just reach out to even ONE person, it would be worth it, and you would feel like you did what you set out to do with your life?
  • Perhaps a message you need to send out to others who may be suffering from the same thing you did, maybe you could help them from going through some of the pain you went through.

Well then, you probably have a higher calling.  Regardless of your beliefs, you have a purpose you were put here on this earth to fulfill.  Maybe it's not a full career or business, but a Blog that you do on the side, or a podcast you do once a month.  Before you disqualify yourself and listen to the lies, please consider this, where did the people, who you consider to be experts start?  How did they get to where they wanted to be?  They started from scratch, just like you.  Please, don't disqualify yourself, instead, think through what it will take to accomplish your dreams, one step at a time.

Think on these things:  What is that dream going to take? What knowledge do you need to acquire to get where you need to be?    Today we have access to information like no other time, there is an unending multitude of ways to get to your destination of choice, here are a few ideas:

  • God Given Knowledge.  I have to put this here.  I love to teach, and I know that I was teaching (playing school) since I was little.  This is a talent that is innate in me.  Also, I know that a lot of the information I received for my book was my Heavenly Dad putting the right resources directly in front of me-courses, podcasts, conversations, and more.  I can't ignore this as the most important resource.  When God calls you to fulfill a purpose, He will provide you with what you need, these other ideas may be some of the vessels He will use to get you there though:
  • Books.  It is well believed, that if you read, and study 2-3 good books on a topic (all the way through, of course, probably taking notes), that you are an "expert" on that topic.  Look it up, it's true.
  • Youtube.  I mean come on, you can definitely find a lot of "self proclaimed experts" here, there have even been SNL spoofs about this very thing, but hey, if there is something practical that you want to learn HOW to do, this is a great source!!
  • Online courses, podcasts, blogs:  I have learned a ton from online resources.  A few of my favorites right now are:
  • Volunteering.  There are many skills that can be learned from volunteering!!  You could become a docent at a museum, build houses with Habitat for Humanity, work at a thrift store for the Humane Society.  I know a few other great places in our area to volunteer are:  Humane Society (actual place), zoo, OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry), SHARE, WHO, Pittock Mansion, Fort Vancouver, and more!!

Here's the more important issue!!  Are you passionate about your topic?  How many of us have been taught by "experts" who were ABSOLUTELY BORING!!!!!!?  I know I have!!  And I'm sorry, but "Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!!"  If you are amazingly knowledgable about any topic, even the MOST interesting topic in the WORLD, but you have the personality of a ROCK, the amount of information that I am going to gain from you will be minimal, because you don't have my attention!!   You can grow your knowledge in any topic, and share as you go, but you can't make up for a lack of passion!!

Let's bring this around now.  Do you have a message?  Do you think it would help YOU to get that message out?  Do you think that it could impact even one person?  How about we disqualify this mysterious disqualifier, and here are a few steps to get you started:

  1. Pray!!  Ask for guidance, for knowledge, and provision.  God loves you, and will very specifically answer this prayer.  The likelihood is this, He has been waiting for you to take Him up on the gift He gave you!!
  2. Take a look at what it is you want to do:
    1. Write a book, or start a blog
    2. Beome a Coach
    3. Start a new career
    4. Become a Stay At Home Mom even
  3. Figure out the steps you need to get there, find the right resources for you.  If you are looking at a Career Change, I highly recommend the book 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller.  There is a possibility that you might need to go back to school, but I have to admit, as I mentioned above, unless there is a significant reason too, there are probably so many other ways you can pursue that will help you reach your destination.

My desire is for people around me to feel qualified to do whatever they desire to do.  I don't know what those endeavors might be, but I know who can help you get them :-) Please consider yourself as more.  Please don't listen to the lies.  Instead of the Disqualifier, let's look to the One who gives ultimate Qualification!!  He will show you the way!!  He wants to.  Go find freedom with your dreams!!  It may not be easy, but it will be worth it!!  I promise!!

Please share with me at my FACEBOOK page, TWITTER, or WEBSITE.  I would love to hear about your dreams, and what you are going to do to accomplish them.  If you have any questions, leave them there too.  I hope to help and serve!!