Who Will You Be as a "wise old person" someday?

Posted by admin on March 20, 2015

Hey guys,

Who really wants to think about growing old? Or think about what people will say when they are reflecting on our lives? Not many, but I do!! I was hoping to just start a conversation on here, part of my process for Finding Freedom in Everyday Life is to unlock my Passions for Life...

I have been listening to a great book called the Top 10 Distinctions between Millionaires and the Middle Class (I got it as an audiobook through my library-I love these books on the Millionaires next door). I have really taken one of Darren Hardy's (http://www.darrendaily.com) daily mentoring sessions about reading a good book 32 times and really letting it change you, instead of reading 32 books that you don't put the info to work on to heart, and have been letting these distinctions sink into my being. 

Anyways, the author does a countdown, so his #10 is about time. The very poor think day to day, the poor think week to week, the middle class thinks month to month, the wealthy think year to year, and the very wealthy think decade to decade and even generation to generation.

This is not just in career or finances either, it's in ideas, relationships-marriage, kids, friendships, it's in spiritual growth, intellectual, recreation-EVERYTHING!! It takes more than money to be wealthy!!

I have to tell you that this is revolutionizing my life!! As I am working on a book about TIME, this has become a completely different paradigm shift for me in many parts of my life, so that brings the question. I ask of you:

What does your life look like 10 years from now in ALL areas of your life, nay 20? The end? How do you want to be talked about as others reflect upon your life? What kind of impact do you want to have as you grow older? What will you be doing for fulfillment that you love?

I am so excited about my book that I am going to have coming out soon, and I know that this is just one small step towards the place I want to be as a "Wise old woman" someday. How about you?

Myhriah Young